3rd Budapest International Acro Cup

We are pleased to invite you and your delegation to participate in the 3rd BIAC from 28–29th of September 2019.

Budapest is one of the most historic city on the planet

This tournament is opened for National Teams as well as for Club Teams. The competition is being prepared in accordance with the Hungarian and the FIG regulations and rules in the following age groups and categories: Youth, AG1 (11-16), AG2(12-18), JUN (13-19) and SENIOR.

On the 3rd BIAC we will cooperate with Acro Companion! As a little change in our directive we will also use the Youth rules AC made for the MIAC this year!
Please prepare according to this Youth rules!

We hope the competition will be a good preparation for the participants of the European Championship and serves the young competitors development.

is one of the most historic city on the planet​

warm-hearted professional organizing staff

professional gymnastic hall

on river Danube is mind-blowingly beautiful

Provisional Schedule

Thursday, 26th September
Arrival Delegations , Open training by request

Friday, 27th September
Arrival Delegations
Accreditation of the delegations
Podium Training as per schedule
Orientation meeting

Saturday, 28th September
Judges Meeting
Qualifications Youth/AG1/AG2/JUN/SENIOR

Sunday, 29th September
Finals (all categories)
Farewell Party

Monday, 30th September
Departure of all delegations

Only delegations that book accommodation through LOC, and arriving on the scheduled arrival days will be scheduled for podium training. Delegations booking accommodation through LOC but arriving later will be scheduled for podium training according availability.

Competition venue

Gerevich Aladár National Sports Hall
1143 Istvánmezei út 3.

next to the competition hall

keep smiling 🙂

online scoring system

Age rules:

YOUTH: 7-15 – rules on page 4.
AG1: min 9 years old – max 16 years – rules FIG 11-16
AG2: min 10 years old – max 18 years old – rules FIG 12-18
JUN: min 11 years old – max 19 years old – rules FIG 13-19 
SENIOR: min 12 years old – rules FIG Seniors


The number of teams that can enter the competition is limited by the LOC. The principle of “first infirst served” will be used, based on the provisional entries. Participation is only guaranteed after the definitive form has been submitted and the pre-payment has arrived in our accounts upon the deadline of the definitive entry.

Provisional entry: May 20th, 2019 (no payment)
Definitive entry: July 20th, 2019 (50% accommodation costs + 100% entry fee)
+ Extra farewell party ticket requests
+ Extra meal request
Nominative entry: August 20th, 2019 (2nd 50% accommodation costs)
+ Extra farewell party ticket and extra meal payment
• All clubs / teams should register via our online forms
• The entry fee is not refundable
• The accommodations are only refundable if cancellations are made until 20th August 2019

Akrobatikus Torna

A többi sportágtól eltérően se nem egyéni, se nem csapatsportág; kis csoportos sportág az akrobatikus torna. Minden izmot megmozgat, fejleszti az ügyességet, egyensúlyérzéket, koordinációs készséget, és ráadásul rendkívül látványos ;-)

MATSZ Akrobatikus Torna szakág
MATSZ Akrobatikus Torna szakág
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